This engaging camp is geared to make your son’s transition to Jesuit successful and less stressful.
Class of 2023, your journey starts June 11-July 3!

What do they do in The Marauder Seminar?

Complete summer reading.

This includes taking proper notes, exploring the important plot points, character development and new vocabulary. This helps take the pressure off students to get this assignment complete and helps them prepare the the fall exam.

Start life-long friendships.

Students will meet some of the other students who will become their classmates in the fall. Starting some of those life-long friendships they’ll always remember helps students make this important transition.

Get comfortable on campus, including Google Classroom.

By spending time on campus over the summer, students will feel comfortable navigating the school. They’ll also begin to immerse themselves in the campus culture. They’ll become familiar with how technology is utilized on campus, including how Google Classroom is used to communicate with teachers and how assignments are posted.

Get an academic jump start.

Students will have an opportunity to meet teachers, learn expectations and familiarize themselves with some important study habits. They’ll be introduced to the scientific method, review important mathematics concepts, work on organization, proper study habits and personal accountability.

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